Massator Duo - used by Chiropractors in Australia for over 40 years

mark 2 duo massager

massator duo massager

The Duo Massager is now even better, the new and improved Duo Mark II is now available.

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Do you suffer from Arthritis, Back, Neck and Joint pain, Sciatica, Poor Circulation, Stress, Tired and Sore Feet, Sore Muscles...


  • The professional appliance for professionals
  • For physiotherapists and masseurs
  • Now available for in Home use
  • Applies pressure but saves strength
  • Reliable handling and easy movement
  • Optimizes preparatory massage and follow-up treatment
  • German designed and manufactured

Developed for professional use, the Duo should not be missing from any massage practice. The oscillatory power of the Duo fascillitates preparatory massage follow up treatment and an increase in bone growth for the professional user.In order to achieve full-surface vibration transfer on body curves also the Duo is fitted with a concave base plate. The narrow flange and the rounded tip are ideal for localized treatment of small, defined areas of the body (e.g. reflex zones). What is more, pressure transfer is effected with minimum effort, ensuring reliable handling and easy movement. Day after day.

"We've found that the Massator is better than a second pair of thumbs. The unique characteristics of the Massator has allowed us to achieve far more efficient muscle work while increasing patient comfort due to the anesthetic like effect that vibration has. We have also found that it has been able to increase circulation and proprioception, have amazing effects on areas of fibrosis, and revitalise lymphatic and interstitial flow! We consider it the Rolls Royce of massagers; it has transformed our treatment programs with results that are startling. It produces little noise and has great versatility - it is able to be used on all body parts.

I have used this machine for 20+ years. It is reliable and suitable for continuous use - a five star product!"

- Rodney Steventon, D.C., D.O.,J.P., Burwood Chiropractic Centre NSW Aust, 2002.

Thank you for supplying me with the necessary parts for my Duo Massator. I have been in private practice for 34 years and have two Duo Massators.

I am extremely happy with them as I use them everyday and they have been very reliable. During this time, I have only had to replace the rubber mounts twice.

George M. Portelli, D.C.D.O.JP Chiropractor, Sydney NSW, Sept 2004

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